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    Dear all!

    I have intensity values of an image in a 2D matrix array. I want to save this information in the form of an image (.jpeg,bmp,tiff etc). Now each of these image formats have a specific file structure.
    Can you people guide me, from where I can get the library or function that takes the intensity information in an array and writes them into image file? and similarly i also want the reverse of this, i.e. reads the intensity values from image file and writes them into an array.

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    So, you have an unspecified form of intensity for which you want a magic function to dump into various images format?

    Good luck finding such a beast.

    On the other hand, if you are willing to do some work yourself, you could always throw "C++ image file libraries" at your favorite search engine and come back to ask questions if you have trouble with the logic of using such libraries.

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    I'd say Qt. QImage and its related set of classes will probably help you.
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