Thread: Using vb6 dll in C++

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    Using vb6 dll in C++

    Hi all,
    I have this ancient library written in Visual Basic 6 which I'd like to use in my C++ (.NET 2008) project. When I compile the vb code to a .dll it gives me a .lib as well. I can start a new C++ project and include the .lib, no problem. But say that I made a VB function like this:

    public function bla()
        msgbox "Hi there!"
    end function
    I can't seem to be able to call this function from my C++ project like this:

    void bla();
    void main() {
    Normally it links these things automatically. However it doesn't seem to find the function in the library.

    Is this even possible?

    Thanks in advance!

    The Vile Guy

    EDIT: c++ .net version added and vb function made public
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