Thread: assignment operator overloading problem

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    assignment operator overloading problem

    Dear all,

    Let's say I have this code:

    ClassA *a = foo();
    Here, I want to overload the assignment operator:

    ClassA *ClassA::operator = (ClassA *rhs)
    Is it correct?
    I had tried it but it failed. I tapped a breakpoint, but it didn't execute that part of code.


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    An assignment operator is supposed to assign something to an instance of your class. You are assigning something to a pointer to an instance of your class.

    ClassA a;

    a = something;

    ... would call an assignment operator. Your assignment operator as you coded it doesn't make much sense to me, can you explain what you want to achieve with it.

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    You want refferance not pointer. Also reccomended that you use const on the one you are assigning so as not to mess up data by accident. Also keep in mind if you want to assign from your foo() you better hope it returns an object of that class.

    class foo
       foo(int xx, int yy, int zz)
          x = xx;
          y = yy;
          z = zz;
       foo & operator=(const foo &rhs)
          x = rhs.x;
          y = rhs.y;
          z = rhs.z;
       int x,y,z;
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    Don't forget to check for self-assignment. It can mess up things badly. I know I tend to forget.
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