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    Question In Dire Need of Help (lots of it)

    I am a very new programmer ( 1 month and counting). I am presented with a problem from a tutorial I recieved online and I have no idea how to even start with it. My only assumption is to use array's, but I am not sure how the function protypes are to work and what not. Also, its just plain complicated! (to me at least)
    I will write up what I need done, and if you can, give me tips on how and where to start, and what else I can do. It shouldn't be any more than one page of code. Inside the directions for it, I include the most I could come up with as far as psuedocode for it. (I just threw comments in there basically)

    Here is the problem:

    Calculate the time it takes a Marathoner to travel the distance traveled (provided below). *Of course you must assume that 8 hours is 1 day of travel*

    Have the user enter the following (cin):

    (7 individual Marathoners)
    Marathoners Name
    Running Speed
    Elevation gain/loss

    The running speed cannot be less than 1 and not greater than 3 (mph). The running speed should be a floating point number (so that "1.5"s can be presented (ie, decimals (sig figures)))

    Somehow, create a function to calculate the marathoners's time traveled. The time (in hours) is: distance/running speed.

    Create a function to calculate for elevation gain/loss. For every 1000 feet of elevation gain/loss, add one hour to the running time. (elevation gain/loss, is going up and down a hill in essence)

    Output (cout) the result of each marathoner to the screen. The Marathoner's name and the time must be separated by a white space.
    Preferably the output should be as follows: "Name Time" (ie, Joe 2days, 4hours). Or at least thats how i see it. If you have an opinion on how to make it better let me know!

    Also, how does one go about create a data file?
    I would like to create a data file called "distance.txt". using the 'marathoner' problem; The file should contain the following on each line, separated by a white space:
    marathoners name, running Speed (MPH), distance to travel (miles), elevation gain/loss (feet).
    This one I REALLY have no idea how to start out!

    If I could recieve some help, that would be great!

    Please email me some of the coding, if you can, and don't feel like typing it up to post or whatever (^_^ )

    Signed In desperate need of help ,


    Addendum: (Tell me if i'm getting anywhere)

    #include <iostream.h>
    //Function this correct?
    void runnername_array (int *, int);
    void main (void)

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    I'll tell ya 1 thing
    void main (void)
    should be
    int main( void )
    lets see some more code or ideas, nobody here will write it all for you.
    All spelling mistakes, syntatical errors and stupid comments are intentional.

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    Question Help me some mo' pweeease!

    This is the most code that I've come up with (sorry i was away on vacation).

    #include <iostream.h>
    //Function Protypes

    void main(void)
    //Declare variables
    char hiker_name[12];
    float hiker_speed;
    float distance;
    float elevation;
    float travel_time;

    //loop so that operation repeats 7x...also the number the names
    for (int x =0; x<7; x++)
    //have user input "name"-truncate at 12 characters
    cout<<"Enter Hikers Name(no more than 12 characters):"<<endl;

    //while the speed is between one and three...
    while(hiker_speed>=1 && hiker_speed<=3)
    cout<<"Enter Hikers Speed (in mph):"<<endl;
    //...ask user to enter the hikers speed...
    cin>>hiker_speed;//...then allow hiker speed to be stored

    //if the speeed is not between 1 and three...then output 'invalid entry'
    if(hiker_speed < 1 || hiker_speed > 3)
    cout<<"invalid entry"<<endl;

    //ask the user to input the number of miles traveled (distance)
    cout<<"Enter Number Miles Traveled:"<<endl;
    cin>>distance;//store to 'distance'

    //ask the user to input the elevation gain/loss (in feet)
    cout<<"Enter the Elevation Gained or Lost (in feet):"<<endl;
    cin>>elevation;//store to "elevation"

    //perform operation that totals the time traveled using the given input

    //if the elevation is more than one thousand...
    if (elevation>=1000)
    travel_time=travel_time+1;//...add 1 hour to the travel time

    //print out the screen the number (in sequence), the hiker's name, and his/her travel time

    Now my question is (it's changed a bit).
    How do I do a double dimensional array to store the seven names...its something like "rows x columns" or something but, i just don't know ::sob::

    Also, according to my problem, since one day is equal to 8hours, i need to total it so that It outputs days and hours

    ie, "2days, 4hours"

    The most I have come up with is to use integer numbers for travel time...someone reccomended using 'type coercioni' to hlep me...but i have no clue what that does(or IS) x_x.

    Now for the days and time thing...if i total it in hours then divide it by will come out with the number of to get the number of left over hours, if I use modulus (%) to divide it with, that would come out with the left over hours correct?

    Help would be GREATLY appreciated...thanks a lot (again)


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    Didn't I answer this on the cplusplus forums?

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    i didn't get it...and their message board confuses me...

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    yeah, its not the best forum. Anyway, here is some code to get you on your way. It generates the time taken and the additional time due to elevation.

    	float distance = 3001;
    	float speed = 3;
    	float elevation = -1456;
    	float time = 0;
    	time = distance/speed;
    	int additonalTime = (int)elevation/1000;
    	cout << additonalTime;

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    Thanks a lot! (a whole hell of a lot)

    the kung fu fyter...

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