Hi Elysia !
Thanks a lot for your clues!
I know that this Borland c++ 5.5.1 is quite old, and that’s why I was thinking to change to Borland C++ Builder XE (2011).
To be honest with you, my purpose with C# and C++ is just creating DLLs, no interface, just pure code as I showed above, so that’s why I picked that version of BC5.5.1.
I have Visual Studio 2010 here but the interesting thing that I faced last month, is that I had a code(DLL) that was ok when I was compiling with BCC5 but with VS2010, it was not working. Perhaps due to the thousand parameters/config that VS2010 has, while BCC just “make” : (
I am going to give a try with MinGW now, I would be happy if you can reply me and tell me that for my purpose(just DLL) I should insist in VS2010/ MinGW or in this case C++ Builder XE 2011 could be better ( forget BCC5 : )
Thanks !