Thread: mysql_real_escape_string memory leak ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by xwielder
    Would you agree this be the best solution?
    No, it is unnecessarily complex. The point of using std::string here is so that you don't have to do manual memory management.

    Quote Originally Posted by xwielder
    The program constantly crashes when I use single quotes. (Seems to break on malloc.c "C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 10.0\VC\crt\src\malloc.c" on line 55, which is this:
    The reason is simple: you pretty much ignored what I wrote in post #6. When I posted my example in post #9, I was working on the assumption that my earlier example in post #4 mixed up the parameters, hence the compile error that you alluded to, so I should reverse the order. I was wrong, but you failed to check.

    In fact, I was wrong on 3 counts:
    • std::string does not have a constructor that takes a single parameter of integer type.
    • std::string does have a constructor that takes two parameters, with exactly what I had in mind in post #2, so reversing the order is wrong.
    • Mixing up the order would not result in a compile error, which is precisely the problem you experienced later.

    Consequently, this should be correct:
    std::string sql(const char* dataIn)
        std::size_t dataInLen = strlen(dataIn);
        std::string to(dataInLen * 2 + 1, '\0');
        mysql_real_escape_string(MySQL_Database_Connection__global, &to[0], dataIn, dataInLen);
        return to;
    That said, note that at the moment, the &to[0] trick is not guaranteed by the standard to result in a pointer to the first element of a contiguous sequence of characters. However, it will be guaranteed later this year, and your standard library implementation probably does it that way.
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    Quote Originally Posted by xwielder View Post
    The program constantly crashes when I use single quotes.
    The proper constructor is:

    string::string - C++ Reference

    The first argument denotes number of characters, the second one the character used:

    std::string to(strlen(dataIn) * 2, ' ');

    Using single quotes constructs string containing N such characters (spaces in this case).
    Using double quotes constructs string initialized to N first characters of the given string. The: " " are two characters: space and null terminator. When N > 2 you read garbage which results in undefined behaviour and possible crashes.

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    Got it... mostly. Thank you both for thorough reviews and helpful advice.

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