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    player option

    I am a little stuck with a game I am working on anmd this is not neccessary but I like to try and outdo myself if possible, I fail a lot I am looking at how you would set up so that if 2 players inputed their names it said hi player 1 it is your turn and vice a versa. I have a little code here and if somebody can help that is all good but it is mainly for fun now.

    void playerNames(){ //players can enter their names
    	cout<<"\t\t"<<"Player One enter name you are X:"; cin>>name1; "\n";
    	cout<<"\t\t"<<"Player Two enter name you are O:"; cin>>name2; "\n";
    void playGame(){
    		 displayBoard();//dispays board for each turn
    		 cout<<"\n\n"<< name1 <<" choose a column to place your go:";// instructs user to take their go
    		 system("cls");// refreshes screen once x takes their go, refreshes upon each new go.
    		 if (column<1 || column>7) 
    			cout <<"\n"<<"that is an invaild choice choose 1-7"<<"\n";//if a column less than 1 or more than 7 is chosen the error message is outputted to the screen
          while (column<1 || column>7);
    	  while ((gameArray[i][column]=='X' || gameArray[i][column]=='O') && i<7)//if one of the game array slots is equal to X or O
    	  if (i<7)
             if (symbol=='X')//symbol is set to start as always X then O goes
    	     else symbol='X';
    	  else cout <<"\n"<<"column is full please try another"<<"\n";

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    Just add a variable like so

    int currentPlayer = 0;

    At the change of turn, you do
    if ( currentPlayer == 0 ) currentPlayer = 1; else currentPlayer = 0;

    At other points in the code, you just have
    if ( currentPlayer == 0 ) ... else ...
    to control such things as displaying names, choosing player symbol etc.
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