Thread: Inheritance and Template Classes

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    Inheritance and Template Classes

    Would anyone mind posting some links over how to inherit using template classes?

    Long story short, I'm working on a program required to inherit some template classes but I'm kind of stuck at some compiler errors. It's a little too long to post(as there are five header files and one C++ file) and 3 days of Googling hasn't produced much in results...

    If you get a chance to, I'd really appreciate it. My book is a little murky.

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    Then post the error.
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    Let me google that for you

    What's the error?

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    template<typename T>
    class Base
        Base(void) {};
        ~Base(void) {};
    template<typename T>
    class Derived : public Base<T>
    // ...
    I think, thats what you meant, no?

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