Thread: I am stuck in a loop!!!

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    I am stuck in a loop!!!

    Here is the problem. I am using a switch and I want the user to pick a number (1-6), and if he enters a letter or any other character then it will go to the default and tell them they entered the wrong choice and to chose again which will run the function that allows them to pick again. I have all of that working, but my problem is when I call the function in the default it gets stuck in a loop because the value in the varaiable that caused the loop is still in there. Can someone help and get me out this loop.


    Here is the code I have:

    class finalswitch
    int value;
    void set();
    void newcode();

    void finalswitch::set ()
    cout<<"Enter a value"<<endl;

    case 1:
    cout<<"This is 1";
    case 2:
    cout<<"This is 2";
    case 3:
    cout<<"This is 3";
    case 4:
    cout<<"This is 4";
    case 5:
    cout<<"This is 5";
    case 6:
    cout<<"This is 6";



    void main()
    finalswitch aswitch;
    aswitch.set ();


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    Try putting this in the code before any input is taken.

    cin.clear();//clears the input bits that tell if input was good
    cin.ignore(80,'\n')//ignores first 80 char or newline, whichever comes first

    The reason this was happening was that the input was still in the buffer. Therefore, when the program went to retrieve input, it thought it already had it. Then, it proceded to continue calling the default case because the input in the buffer still wasn't 1 through 6.

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    try running this program multiple times, inputting diferent values for value. Make some values 1-6, and some values > 6, and some < 1, and some values should be characters like the letter a or the symbol *. See what happens with the different inputs. When you discern a pattern I think you will be able to answer your question.

    #include <iostream.h>
    int main()
    int value;
    char dummy;
    cout << "enter a value 1 - 6" << endl;
    cin >> value;
    cout << value;
    cin >> dummy;
    return 0;

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