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    C++ for java/C programmer

    Hello C++ board!

    I see the book thread, but I figured it may just be quicker to ask then the trudge through all 11 pages.

    I am a Java programmer with a good amount of experience in C. Currently a college student, my program started us out on Java and threw us head first into C this semester while teaching some more advanced ADTs and programming concepts. I've found certain things about C to be just delightful, particularly its file flexibility an speed.

    Alas, I have an internship this summer at a company that uses all kinds of programming languages, but they tend to default to C++ for their object oriented needs. They tell me they're gradually opening up to Java (it's a huge company).

    Anyway, I'm in need of a book to start picking up C++'s syntax. From what I've seen through my minimal exposure in a robotics course, C++ has some unusual (I guess usual if it's where you started!) syntax. Most of the books that I've been recommended are chock full of OO concepts that I am well familiarized with. I'm wondering if there is a decent C++ book for Java programmers.

    Thanks folks!

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    Accelerated C++ by Koenig and Moo should be suitable.
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