Thread: Making different threads use different stdout's

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    Making different threads use different stdout's

    Sup all, I'm using cout a lot in my program in multiple threads. I'm crashing in one of the threads, but I haven't a clue where. My job would be a lot easier if the threads' cout's weren't intermingled.

    Is there a way to have my two different threads use two different cout's? Or is there another way to distinguish one threads output from another's?

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    There is only ever one cout. If multiple threads need to write to it, then they need to explicitly synchronise. For example, by grabbing a critical section or mutex object, then writing to cout, then releasing the synchronisation object afterwards.
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    > I'm crashing in one of the threads, but I haven't a clue where.
    This is what debuggers are for.
    Debugging by print statements only works for simple student homework. For more advanced programs (and problems), you need the tools!

    If you've got two threads sending stuff to cout in a chaotic manner, you might consider creating a third thread which is just for output. T1 and T2 send messages to T3 when they want to output something.

    T3 can then buffer messages from T1 and T2, and display
    or you can start to implement simple controls for T3, like saying "output T1 to file".
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