Thread: How to use multiple source files?

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    How to use multiple source files?

    I have an abstratc base class and two other classes, now how do I make this work?
    I would like to have one classes functions and the other one in seperate source files.

    I tried putting each class in it's own header, and the two other headers containing classes in the first header. But the error i get that the base class isn't defined.

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    Post the smallest program that illustrates your problem. Have you included you header file for your base class in your derived class header files?


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    segmentation fault
    Also mention what compiler or IDE monstronsity you are using.

    Generally includes work this way: For each class, you have an .h and a .cpp. The class declaration is in the .h, method definitions in the .cpp. The .cpp #includes the .h.

    The program also has a main(), in it's own .cpp. It may or may not have an .h, but it does #include the .h files for the classes it uses.

    So when you compile, you will be explitly compiling all the .cpp files together. Alternately, you can build object files from the class files (.cpp/.h pairs), then link them in when you compile the main() seperately. How that is done depends on the tools your are using. It is nice to use a "make" system of some sort -- IDEs often have that build-in -- but not required.
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