Thread: Using time.h for respawn times?

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    Lightbulb Using time.h for respawn times?

    I'm making a little text-based RTS and I'm at the point to where I need to start making something to run respawn times. I came across time.h and it looks like I could use it but I guess my mind is wrapping around it easily as I thought it would.

    I just need a basic respawn timer right now that will count how many seconds have passes since the game has started and to give the player 1 citizen for every x amount of seconds of game time.

    Thanks! ;]

    -Oh, I'm programming in C++

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    I would suggest it for a simple console game!
    Just make a variable and set it to the current time,
    then make a new one when you wanna know the seconds passed, and take away the original game start variable from it.
    would work just fine, not sure how relevant it would be when using other libraries later............

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    Hmmm, I've been learning how to program for about 2 years now. What would the difference be? I'd be up for it if you can persuade me! ;p

    EDIT: I think I might just use some SDL for this game. It has a timer already in it and it's way simpler to use.
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    time.h is complicated but you can get the time since your program started with clock(). This value can be divided by CLOCKS_PER_SEC so that you can see how many seconds have passed. Generally the clock is actually more accurate than once per second, but less accurate than once-per-millisecond. (For historical reasons it may tick 18.2 times per second. Go figure.)

    That said, I highly recommend the SDL. Go try it out! [The SDL's timer is much simpler, it just returns the number of milliseconds, with approximately 10-ms accuracy.]

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