Thread: fwrite and decimal points

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    fwrite and decimal points

    Hi everyone,

    I have a program which takes the reading from a text box and saves it to a text file using the following code:

    fwrite (buf , 1 , sizeof(buf) , pFile ); //pFile and buf have been declared earlier (buf is the variable storing the user's unput to the text box).
    fclose (pFile); seems to work OK when I put non-integers into buf, but when buf = an integer, the text file doesn't just have the number stored in it - it has this instead (for example when I put '3' into buf):


    Why does it add that strange character on the end, and how can I stop it from doing that? Failing that, is there a way to always add a decimal point to a certain number of decimal places onto the end?


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    fwrite() is binary output. The output you are seeing therefore represents how an int with the value 3 is represented in computer memory. If you want text (human readable) output, use a function liike fprintf() to product your output.

    Incidentally, fopen_s() is not a standard way of opening a file. Apart from that, your code is idiomatic C, not C++.
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