Thread: Cannot figure out my problem can anyone help?

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    Cannot figure out my problem can anyone help?

    i need the program to read from a file and write to a file.. everything was working perfectly until i tried to add a menu to it. Here's my code. Any help is appreciated.

    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <stdlib.h>
    typedef struct car
    int year;
    char number[9];
    char colour[10];
    float engine;
    int tax;
    } car_type;
    int main()
    int i,j,x;
    void print_file ();
    void print_screen ();
    car_type cars[6];
    FILE* fp;
    FILE* fp2;
    fp = fopen("indata.txt","r");
    fp2 = fopen("car_tax.txt","w");
    i = 0;
    fscanf (fp, "%d", &cars[i].year);
    fscanf (fp, "%s", &cars[i].number);
    fscanf (fp, "%s", &cars[i].colour);
    fscanf (fp, "%f", &cars[i].engine);
    for (j=0;j<=i;j++)
    if (cars[j].year <=5 && cars[j].engine <=1.6)
    cars[j].tax = 150;
    if (cars[j].year <=5 && cars[j].engine >1.6)
    cars[j].tax = 300;
    if (cars[j].year >5 && cars[j].engine < 1.4)
    cars[j].tax = 200;
    if (cars[j].year >5 && cars[j].engine >= 1.6)
    cars[j].tax = 600;
    if (cars[j].year > 5)
    if (cars[j].engine >= 1.4 && cars[j].engine < 1.6)
    cars[j].tax = 400;
    printf ("Welcome to the program\n");
    printf ("\nPlease enter a choice");
    printf ("\n\tMENU\n\n");
    printf ("1.\tPrint on screen\n");
    printf ("2.\tPrint data to file\n");
    printf ("3.\tEnd program\n");
    switch (x)
    case '1':
    print_file (j, cars[].year, cars[].number, cars[].colour, cars[].engine, cars[].tax);
    case '2':
    print_screen (j,cars[].tax);
    case '3':
    printf ("\nThank you for using the programme goodbye\n");
    printf ("Error! incorrect choice please enter another choice");
    fflush (fp);
    fclose (fp);
    fflush (fp2);
    fclose (fp2);
    return (EXIT_SUCCESS);
    void print_screen (int j, int cars[].tax)
    int a;
    for (a=0;a<=j;a++)
    printf ("\nTax on car %d = Euro %d\n", a, cars[j].tax);
    void print_file (int j, int cars[].year, ch cars[].number, ch cars[].colour, float cars[].engine, int cars[].tax)
    int b;
    for (b=0;b<j;b++)

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    Perhaps if you applied the knowledge in this FAQ Indentation - cpwiki
    to your post, then

    a) people would want to read your code
    b) it might become apparent to yourself just what it is you're doing wrong.

    Crappy indentation kills more programs than pretty much anything else.
    If you dance barefoot on the broken glass of undefined behaviour, you've got to expect the occasional cut.
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    You need to find an indentation style and use it. As your code is now it is almost impossible to read.

    What are your error messages?


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    #1 Your prototypes of the print functions do not match the later definitions you provide.
    #2 You are using feof to control a loop.
    #3 Your fscanf calls are wrong for the number and colour fields.
    #4 You don't get user input into variable 'x' after displaying the menu resulting in the use of an uninitialized variable in the switch construct.
    #5 Your variable 'x' is an int but the switch seems to be comparing against char values.
    #6 You are passing your car data into the print functions incorrectly.
    #7 You assume that the output file is open without actually verifying that it is plus you could probably move the open/close for that inside the file printing function closer to where it is needed.
    #8 You are flushing a file (fp) that is open for reading.
    #9 Your menu states option 1 for printing to screen and option 2 to print to file but the code seems to want option 1 to print to file and option 2 to print to screen.
    #10 You appear to be missing a loop of some kind around your menu/switch code.
    #11 This is the C++ board, what you've posted should probably be under the C board.
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