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    Answer to these questions

    1. A(n)______________________is a group of related records.
    2. Digits, letters and special symbols are referred to as__________________.
    3. A group of related files is called a(n)______________________.
    4. To facilitate the retrieval of specific records from a file, one field in each record is chosen as a_____________.
    5. Member function__close ()_______________of the file streams fstream, ifstream and ofstream closes a file.
    6. The istream member function________________reads a character from the specified stream.
    7. Member function____open ()____________of the file streams fstream, ifstream and ofstream opens a file.
    8. The istream member function_______read ()______________is normally used when reading data from a file in random-access applications.
    9. Member functions____seekg_____________and____seekp_______ ________of istream and ostream, set the file-position pointer to a specific location in an input or output stream, respectively.
    10. The standard stream objects declared by header <iostream> are ___cout_______________, _______cin__________,_____________________and_____ ___________________.
    11. ostream member function________________outputs a character to the specified stream.
    12. ostream member function________________is generally used to write data to a randomly accessed file.
    13. istream member function_________________repositions the file-position pointer in a file.
    14. The string member functions __________gets the length of the string and _________________returns a specified set of characters from the string to a set location

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    Sorry, this is not a homework answering service. You should actually venture your own answers then ask something specific.
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    5, 7, 8 and 9 already have answers. Are you asking if they are correct? Do you have any responses for the remaining questions that you would like to discuss?

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