Thread: pseudocode for functions

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    pseudocode for functions

    What is the standard or convention for functions in speducode

    For example I have this. Would I specifically declare the variables as is? My attempt is below

    void CB1::midpointline(int x0,int y0, int x1, int y1, CDC *pDc)	
    	int dx,dy,incrE,incrNE,d,x,y;
    Create function mindpointline(StartPoint x0 , StartPoint y0 , EndPoint x1 , EndPoint y1 , Pointer to Device Context)
       Set Delta(X) to x1-x0
       Set Delta(y) to y1-y0
       Set decision to 2*dy-dx
       set Delta(E) to dy*2
       set Delta(NE) to 2*(dy-dx)
       set x to equal x0
       set y to equal y0
       Draw pixel with X and Y values
    End functiojn

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    There is no convention when it comes to pseudo code...[afaik]..
    Are you speaking about functional programming?..which looks similar but has strict syntax rules..

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    Personally, I don't bother with pseudocode. If you want to write something concrete that makes sense, that's what the language itself is for. I can see some potential for merit for roughly sketching out bigger ideas, but an almost one-to-one mapping to actual C++ routines? A waste of time I say.

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    The whole point of pseudocode is that it is written to convey basic understanding of (say) an algorithm for a human. It is not real code (hence the pseudo in its name) because it is not precise enough to be used as instructions for a computer (or as input for a compiler).

    Humans are pretty flexible in what they can read and write, so there are almost as many styles of pseudocode as there are people who use it.
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