Thread: recursive insertion sort.

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    recursive insertion sort.

    hi all,

    before i get any post about how pointless a recursive insertion is...i know it is...but it's for an assignment...and i've been playing around w/ it 'till the point where i can't tell what's wrong w/ it anymore...

    it's doing a semi sort...i think i'm forgetting to take into acct a case ..but either's the code.

    being passed an object of the class list (w/h is a Linked List) and n which is the size of the list.

    most of this stuff is self explanatory...

    insert, inserts in list @ location specified.
    remove...removes @ location specified.

    here's my data,

    20 19 14 23 16 10 18

    and this is my output:

    10 14 16 18 20 19 23

    any help would be appreciated.

    oh yeah.. getvalue returns the value @ location specified.

    (class deals w/ either ints, float, or string but data type shouldn't matters it's a template after all)

    template<class T>
    void insort1(List<T>& list, int n)
    if (n > 1)
    insort1(list, n -1);

    int posn = n -1;

    while (posn >= 0 && (list.getvalue(n) < list.getvalue(posn)) )


    T temp;

    temp = list.getvalue(n);



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    let me know if i need to post the full source, it could help.
    curiousity killed the cat, but it
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    Doing it this way might be easier

    First check to see if the node of a list is empty or there is just one element. Then call insort on node->next. Do a sorted insert of node->data into the just sorted list node->next. Then remove node from the list. Or you could do it so that your just swapping pointers around.

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    Put all numbers on a different line in a file and do this:
    #include <fstream.h>
    #include <iostream.h>
    int main()
            int line1, line2, line3, line4, line5, line6, line7;
    		char file[1024];
    		cout<<"Please enter the file path:";
            ifstream fin(file);
            fin >> line1;
            fin >> line2;
            fin >> line3;
            fin >> line4;
            fin >> line5;
            fin >> line6;
            fin >> line7;
            ofstream fout(file);
            fout << line6;
            fout << "\n";
            fout << line3;
            fout << "\n";
            fout << line5;
            fout << "\n";
            fout << line7;
            fout << "\n";
            fout << line1;
            fout << "\n";
            fout << line2;
            fout << "\n";
            fout << line4;
    		return 0;

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