Thread: segmentation fault

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    segmentation fault

    I am new to this forum.I am having a bit of problem while coding a program. I am facing a segmentation fault.
    int main()
    printf("Can i be seen!!");
    void fn()
    //some code here
    printf("Can come here without any problem");
    Now I get the output till the printf...
    I even get the message
    Can come here without any problem
    But get a segmentation fault immediately.
    I am not understanding why i am getting this message...

    Can anyone help me...

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    segmentation fault
    Use fprintf(stderr...) or cerr for this kind of thing. Stdout (which printf uses) is buffered, meaning you can loose messages during segfaults which will mislead you.

    I have no idea about your current problem tho. What OS are you on?
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    I am using Ubuntu lucid lynx 10.04 and using a g++ compiler...

    This is not the actual code but the actual code is similar

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    Does the code you supplied exhibit the problems you are reporting? If not post a sample of the code that illustrates the problem.


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    No, it's not all his code. Instead it's all his code that couldn't cause a seg fault.

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    > This is not the actual code but the actual code is similar
    Then you basically destroyed whatever the bug was.

    Feel free to edit down a copy of your code to a small example which still shows the same problem (delete everything that would run AFTER the problem for example).
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