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    New to C++

    I'm knew to the C++ world, I got in to it because I want to program games, does anyone know where is the best place to start out in, and from there where to move on to?


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    Try here. There are a lot of online books here. Read some and get the hang of it. If you have any questions, post them here.

    P.S. It takes a while to program real games.

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    You should first dive into programming deeply.. when you realize that you done alot in General concepts of C++ then start thinking about Programming Games.
    Anyway here are some links related to Games Programming which I have in my Favorites' list..
    Hope will help...
    Simple DirectMedia Layer
    Cone3D Programming - SDL, OpenGL and C++ Tutorials - Main Game Programing
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    Totally new? Learn the basics:

    If you're new to the boards, welcome and reading this will help you get started.
    Information on code tags may be found here

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    C++ Games

    Isay start with rpg's b/c there the easy to start with.

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    I would have to say that going to the Cprogramming tutorial would help alot

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