Thread: Find out the path of the calling executable from a DLL

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    Hello everyone.

    What I seek here is for you to point me to the right direction.

    I'm working on a quite large project. It is a dynamic link library that does a lot of things for the calling exe.

    I've added loads of functions and at one point I just found out that I need to find out the path of the calling Exe (the exe with which my dll gets attached).

    I've been thinking about either getting the PID and extracting the process information (on location of exe) from it... But probably there is a MUCH easier way. Maybe even a macro or some easy library.

    Any kind of help will be deeply appreciated.

    Platform is Windows XP/7, Compiler is GCC, It's C++.

    Well, I am using this one now -

    char strExePath [MAX_PATH];
    GetModuleFileName (NULL, strExePath, MAX_PATH);
    printf("%s\n", strExePath);
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    I assume you are allowed to use win32 API functions.

    Look up GetModuleFileName(), GetModuleFilenameEx(). With NULL as the first argument, these give you ways of retrieving the executable file name.

    Note those functions don't necessarily retrieve full path information. However, either GetFullPathName() or SearchPath() will - depending on your specific needs - be helpful in such cases.
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    You can call NtQueryProcessInformation() and use the ProcessImageFileName info class to determine the path to the executable image.

    In reality, this information is stored down in the PEB structure which describes the running process -- NtQueryProcessInformation() is just a convenience function for accessing that.
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    That's a pretty bad idea:
    It almost requires dynamic linking. Nobody who isn't a driver dev has the WDK
    It returns the path in native format, which is useless to every other function whose name doesn't start with Nt
    It requires a trip to kernel mode, GetModuleFileName doesn't

    If, for some bizarre reason you prefer that function, you want the ProcessImageFileNameWin32 info class, which is Vista+. At which point, just use QueryFullProcessImageName which is a wrapper around both, or just stick with GMFN.

    Quote Originally Posted by grumpy
    Note those functions don't necessarily retrieve full path information
    Quote Originally Posted by
    Retrieves the fully-qualified path for the file that contains the specified module

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