Thread: Global variable vs parameter 'sending'.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MipZhaP View Post
    The main.cpp file is responsible for creating (using OpenGL - you don't need to care about that) an "aquarium" and making a list/vector of Fish objects so it can put them inside the aquarium.
    Maybe I'm missing something here, but to me the solution that jumps out is to make an Aquarium class which has the fish vector as a member and populates that vector with fish in its constructor (possibly with parameters for the number of fish and such which can be specified in main.cpp via constructor arguments).

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    Another solution is to (from main.cpp) give a pointer to the list as a parameter to every fish so they can have a reference to it and then give that reference to the boids.cpp algorithm when it needs to use it. But this is stupid since the refence needs to go through fish.cpp - which really doesn't need that reference for itself at all.
    I suggest you post the files you use (both .h and .cpp) with just the declaration of the classes (excluding anything between brackets).
    This way you can get a better advice, since there are two separate issues.
    1) The class design
    2) The linkage of the file
    These are not necessarily linked together

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