Thread: (Trivial) pointer question

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    (Trivial) pointer question


    I have very little programming experience with C++. I have something like this:

    bool MYFUNC( const unsigned *N, double *prob, double *corr )
    bool flag = false;
    printf( "%u ; %f ; %f\n" , *N , *prob , *corr );
    double ma[ *N ] = {0.0}; // ERROR
    // other things
    return( flag );
    int main()
    const unsigned n = 9;
    static double p = 0.5;
    static double c = 0.1;
    MYFUNC ( &n , &p , &c );
    I want to pass three pointers to MYFUNC and in it initialize a array of size N called "ma". This produces an error. Why? Actially I want to initialize an array of size (N+1).

    Thanks for you help

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    When you declare an automatic array in C++, the size of it must be a compile-time constant (OTOH, in C99 variable-length arrays are legal).

    So you'd either use a fixed-size array which you hope is large enough, or allocate it dynamically (use std::vector).
    I might be wrong.

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    I urge you not to use printf. Use std::cout and I/O manipulators. You can also use Boost.Format (although that documentation is ........ty, to say the least).
    Also prefer to pass by reference instead of by address.
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