Thread: making comparison between two or more than two numbers

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    making comparison between two or more than two numbers


    I'm writing an algorithm where I need to make comparison between four numbers X, Y, Z, and W to arrange them in a descending order.

    Get the numbers X, Y, Z, and W
    Make Comparison between X, Y, Z, and W
    Show the largest of four
    Compare the remaining three numbers

    I have a feeling this is not a correct algorithm. What is your opinion? Could you please help me? First I need to write an algorithm, implementation would be next step. Thanks.
    I'm an outright beginner. Using Win XP Pro and Code::Blocks. Be nice to me, please.

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    Google for "sorting algorithm". Normally these things work better on arrays than on distinct variables - simply copy the value of X to data[0], Y to data[1], etc and sort the array named data.
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    Or read your other thread that you made today. Sorting was probably mentioned in the first post.

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