Thread: Issue with compiling following program

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    Issue with compiling following program


    Following is the program:

    * Default indent to -1. This value tells the function
    to reuse the previous value. */
    void iputs(char *str, int indent = -1);
    int main()
    iputs("Hello there", 10);
    iputs("This will be indented 10 spaces by default");
    iputs("This will be indented 5 spaces", 5);
    iputs("This is not indented", 0);
    return 0;
    void iputs(char *str, int indent)
    //Statement 1
    static i = 0; // holds previous indent value       //followin line is throwing error
    if(indent >= 0)
    i = indent;
    else // reuse old indent value
    indent = i;
    for( ; indent; indent--) cout << " ";
    cout << str << "\n";
    1. What does statement 1 mean?
    2. How does this program achieve the concept of default argument?
    3. It throws compiler error at the above statement 1.

    Thanks in advance

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    To answer questions 1 and 3, "Statement 1" is presumably declaring a static variable named i that is local to the iputs(). It is invalid (hence the compiler complains) as the statement does not specify a type for i. Assuming it is meant to be int, the statement should be "static int i = 0;"

    static, in this case, means the value of i is saved between calls of the function.

    To answer your second question, look at the declaration of iputs() near the top of your code
    void iputs(char *str, int indent = -1);
    The bit I've highlighted in red specifies a default value for the argument (indent) of -1. This means that when calling the function, if the second argument is not provided, a value of -1 is supplied.
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