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    Reading/Writing txt files

    I'm writing a program that accepts a file and inputs each line from a txt file into a vector. Is it correct to use:

    class filereader
    filereader(string filename);
    filereader::filereader(string filename)
       vector<string> v;
       ifstream File(filename.c_str());
    The class is not what I'm using, it's just to complement the function. What I need help with is the function filereader(string filename).

    I'm sort of confused. I would appreciate any help!

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    > cin.getline(filename.c_str());
    > v.push_back(filename);
    c_str() is a CONST, so you shouldn't be trying to modify it with getline.

    Something like
       vector<string> v;
       ifstream File(filename.c_str());
       string line;
       while ( File.getline( line ) ) {
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    Is there an overloaded function in streams that read into a std::string? I don't think so, IIRC.
    You may have to use std::getline(yourfile, yourstring);
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