Thread: Finally got this C program to run but can't figure out the standard deviation problem

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    Finally got this C program to run but can't figure out the standard deviation problem

    Hey guys, I lurk these forums a good amount but never registered to post myself. I have this C++ assignment I'm working on that is now overdue and killing me! If anyone has any suggestions i'd greatly appreciate it!

    Okay here's a link to the actual project. It's already overdue because I can't figure it out and get it to run no matter what I try!

    This is the code I have, completed:

    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <math.h>

    int main() {

    int num_shows, num_contestants, num_judges, sd_threshold;
    double average;

    // Open the text file.
    FILE* ifp = fopen("ucfidol2.txt", "r");

    //scanning info from text file
    fscanf(ifp, "%d", &num_shows);
    fscanf(ifp, "%d%d%d", &num_contestants, &num_judges, &sd_threshold);

    //declaring array size by text file
    int score[num_contestants][num_judges];
    int i, j;

    //populates 2d array with numbers from text file
    for (i = 0; i < num_contestants + 1; i++)
    for (j = 0; j < num_judges; j++)
    fscanf(ifp, "%d", &score[i][j]);

    int judges_score[num_judges];
    int index;

    for (i = 0; i < num_judges; i++)
    scanf("%d", &average[i]);

    int val = 0;
    double sum = 0;

    //adds judges scores together
    for (val=0; val <= num_contestants-1; val++) {
    sum = sum + score[val][0];
    printf("val = %d\n", val);
    printf("score[0][%d] = %d\n", val, score[val][0]);
    printf("sum = %lf\n", sum);

    //calculates average of judges scores
    average = sum / num_contestants;
    printf("average = %lf\n", average);


    //printf ("%d\n", score[0][0]);
    //printf ("%d\n", score[0][1]);
    //printf ("%d\n", score[0][2]);
    //printf ("%d\n", score[0][3]);
    //printf ("%d\n", score[1][0]);
    //printf ("%d\n", score[1][1]);
    //printf ("%d\n", score[1][2]);
    //printf ("%d\n", score[1][3]);
    //printf("num_shows = %d\n", num_shows);
    //printf("num_contestants = %d\n", num_contestants);
    //printf("num_judges = %d\n", num_judges);
    //printf("sd_threshold = %d\n", sd_threshold);

    // Close the file.

    return 0;

    I can't figure out the rest of the code for the life of me, I've tried a few things

    someone sent me this (has different variables but it's easier to see how it works) but I can't make it work and get anything to print out...

    for (i=0; i<judges; i++) {
    for (j=0; j<contestants; j++) {

    sum = ((pow(judavg[i]-score[j][i],2) + sum;

    sd = sqrt(sum/cont);
    if (sd > std)

    Can anyone fill in the blanks for me? Also if I have any other errors please let me know!

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