Thread: Basic Typedef question

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    Basic Typedef question

    Whats the difference between doing:

    typedef struct myStruct {
          int a;
          int b;

    typedef struct {
          int a;
          int b;
    } myStruct;
    They both seem to do the same thing and produce the same results:

    myStruct ms;
    ms.a = 3;
    ms.b = 4;

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    You don't need the typedef in the first case there.
    Yes they are the same but the first one without the typedef is the preferred way in C++.
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    You should be getting a warning for the first version. It doesn't actually typedef anything. If you replace the struct {} part with a simpler type, say "int," it would look like:

    typedef int;
    Which is meaningless, and I'm surprised it does compile at all (it does compile though, at least with VC9)
    	if (a) do { f( b); } while(1);
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