Thread: Any easy GUI designer ???

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    Any easy GUI designer ???

    Hi again ! I'd like to build a very simple GUI for a program i'm working on. Nothing complicated, just a couple of buttons, some labels and maybe an image.

    In Java I used JBuilder 9 and simply "drag and drop" all the elements that I needed and put them properly, and the code was automatically generated . I was wondering if there is a similar tool for developing c++ it would really help me a lot !!

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    Well, as i often say, FLTK is great for C++ and you can quite easily get results like this, it also has a UI designer that will autogenerate interface code to help up your productivity, this (unfinished graphics) example uses a mix of drag and drop and hand coded GUI design:
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    Looked at Qt?
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    Agreeing with Elysia. Qt is great! Not only can you program the entire GUI and make amazing things, you can also use the drag'n'drop system you mentioned. These days Qt is the way to go

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