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    #include <iostream>
    int main()
    	float a, b, c, d, Mean;
    	std::cout << "Enter first number: ";
    	std::cin >> a;
    	std::cout << "Enter second number: ";
    	std::cin >> b;
    	std::cout << "Enter third number: ";
    	std::cin >> c;
    	std::cout << "Enter fourth number: ";
    	std::cin >> d;
    	std::cout << "The mean is: " << (a + b + c + d) / 4;
    1: As you see above every "std::cout" is followed "std::cin", is this possible in some situation where "std::cout" or "std:cin" is followed another "std::cout" or "std::cin" respectively?

    2: I want the line "The mean is:" to appear red and bold? How do I do this?

    3: I have seen my friend use commands "\endl" and "\n" (hope I have them right). What functions do they serve?

    It is very kind of you to help me. I'm much obliged.

    Best wishes
    Help, please.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jackson6612 View Post
    Help, please.
    1. Yeah sure:
    	std::cout << "Enter first number ";
    	std::cout << "and second number\n";
    	std::cin >> a;
    	std::cin >> b;
    2. Platform specific I believe. I'm sure you can google it.

    3. They are about the same and make the next bit of text start on a new line.
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