Thread: Check this code for pausing program

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    Check this code for pausing program


    I'm using this code for a program I got from the tutorials here:

    #include <iostream.h>
    int main() //Most important part of the program!
    int age; //Need a variable...
    cout<<"Please input your age: "; //Asks for age
    cin>>age; //The input is put in age
    if(age<40) //If the age is less than 100
    cout<<"You are pretty young dude!"; //Just to show it works
    else if(age==40) //I use else just to show an example
    cout<<"You are old"; //Just to show you it works...
    cout<<"You are really old"; //Executed if no other statement is executed
    return 0;

    What would I add to make it pause the program?



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    Have you read the Board FAQ? Click on "programming FAQ" at the bottom of the screen
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    You must #include <stdlib.h> or <windows.h> if I'm not mistaken

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    use Sleep( int milliseconds ) found in <windows.h>.
    Dead simple

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    It doesn't get much simpler than that.

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    I had this question before too, and I have read the FAQs.

    However, kbhit(), and getch() are not ANSI compatible.

    I would want my code to work on both Unix ans Windows.

    Anyway to do that?

    will system("pause") work for both unix and windows? (going to try it out later).
    If only life is as easy as C...

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    I don't remember there being a pause program/command for UNIX. Remember that system() is essentially an interface with the command line. EDIT: I am not saying that system() will not work with UNIX (it will work b/c it is ANSI standard) but the problem lies in the fact that there is no pause program/command that you could send to the UNIX shell that will pause the program.

    There is a function for UNIX programming that is called pause() (in unistd.h). If you checked environment variables and did conditional compiler directives (#ifndef, ifdef, etc.) then you could include unistd.h in a UNIX environment and conio.h/windows.h for a windows environment.

    Good luck

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