Thread: Bucket Sort or Myth

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    This part of the incomplete code from that link gives it away as actually being counting sort!:
    ++buckets [a [i]];
    The rest confirms it also.

    It even states that it comes from:
    "Data Structures and Algorithms // with Object-Oriented Design Patterns in C++"
    Wow that's bad. You'd expect it to be right in a book!

    My apologies for my outburst of sarcasm earlier.
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    It's all good around the board. You are still the MAN! I need at lease a year to catch-up, for-real

    Thank you iMalc

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    This was suppose to be an edit but I see no eidt button. Anyway...

    PS: (edit)

    Just for the record; after reviewing a few of the latest threads around here, I hope no one would consider sarcasm as "all good". It's only reserve for true code warriors and serious people who would never go over-board *with it* during an heated debate. When you clown with something like sarcasm, than that thread will get closed as that clown has *planned*. I thank the Moderator for giving us a chanc. My guest is he saw no clown around here. The out-come may have only proven to be educational even for the educators. You can bet that one of these guys or gals will address the ISO in Switzerland of that fact even if he or she has to go over there personally, along, to kick his .......... in. .. not sharris style, but the legal way.

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    Today I just learn that a C++ working bucketsorter do exist but it must be the most well guarded procedure in the academic world for academic purpose... so my apologies to all.

    It was even tougher for me to find that guy in Switzerland with no skies to travel, so I went back home.

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