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    random generator of chars help

    how do i make a random generator so that my program can randomly choose from an array of operations? I know that it is not right, but I don't really know how to fully do it so I kind of made some things things up

    this is part of my code in my .cpp file

      Problem result;
      char problem.m_arithmOp[4] = {'-','+','%','*'};
      srand( (unsigned)time(0));
      for(int i=0; i<1 ; i++)
       result.m_arithmOp[i] = (rand()%3)+1;
      return result;
    and this is my struct in my header

    struct Problem
      int m_number1;
      int m_number2;
      int m_answer;
      int m_level;
      char m_arithmOp;
    } problem;

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    Your 'op' is a single char, not an array.

    So try something like
    result.m_arithmOp = "+-*/"[rand()%4];
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