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    Couple Quick Questions.

    1. Can I see an example of a way to get an input character, without hitting enter afterwards.

    i.e. - Hitting A automatically jumps to the switch case for 'A' without hitting enter.

    2. Is there a way to change output colors without:

    And can you make your own colors, with hexdecimal or (R,G,B).

    3. Is there a way to flush all the buffers at once? Or just the cout buffer without appending <<flush to the end of a cout statement?

    4. A BASIC Tutorial on Using Classes & Objects, since i'm making and RPG, i have enemies that i need called on, i know Classes are easier then using an if structure and setting the variables for him each time. I just don't know how to create them, aAnd call them. I learn from example, i don't do to well with explanations (does anyone?)

    5. Is there a SIMPLE or Relatively Simple way to call a single bmp or pcx image to the console, i.e. - a single splash screen at the start of the program.

    If you know anything about any of these questions i'd appreciate your answer or suggestion.


    P.S. - I gotta thank you guys, i'd never been able to learn what I have without this forum. It's great.

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    #include <conio.h>
    int main()
        char in;
        in = getch()
        switch(in) {}// Etc...
        return 0;
    cout.flush() or cin.flush()

    4. There is one at

    I'm not sure about the other two, but I hope this helps a little.
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    1. It's implementation specific but most compilers have something along the lines of getch() in conio.h -

    char a;
    a = getch();

    This will not echo the character on the screen either so if you need displaying you'll have to output it manually.

    2. Depends on your compiler I think (if it's MSVC then no, there is no other way on the console).

    3. cout .flush(); or for input buffer you can use -


    if you have input left in the buffer.

    4. Don't know of any, you'd probably be better off with a book. Although if you search google with "C++ class tutorial" you'll probably have a few to choose from.

    5. No, you'll have to use an API to blit it to a window (not a console).

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