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    Exclamation awfully urgent, plz help me

    I have to submit my assignment in an hour.I've written 3 classes with the names of Point, Line and Polygon. in each class I have used a function with the return time of the 2 other classes' pointers. like, let's say:
    class Point
    Line * b(Point p)
    now I have to separate them(each class) in cpp and header files. the only thing i'm sure of, in writing header files is that I should write #ifndef X_H and #define X_H at the beginning and#endif at the end.
    what else should I write in its header files andd cpp files?
    what should I include?
    where do I have to write the scope resolution operator?
    please note that in each class i'm using functions with return types of the 2 other classes.

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    well you just need to move your class and function declarations into the header files, and then the class constructor and function definitions into respective source files, add them to project and then where a file depends on a certain element.. write the header include at the top of file
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    You should better refer to the book or read some of tutorials to make separate header files, their cpp's and main file.....
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