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    help with overloaded constructors

    hello, i am having trouble with constructing an item in an item_node and using a pointer to move through a list.
    here is the relevant code:

    item class
    class item
            item(const item& other) {power=other.power; price=other.price;  
            void use_item() {*value_to_change+=power;};
            item(int a, int b, int &c) {power = a; price = b; value_to_change = &c;};
            int get_price() {return price;};
            int get_power() {return power;};
            int power;
            int price;
            int *value_to_change;
    the item_node class
    class item_node
            item_node(int a, int b, int &c, string input_name);
            item_node *up;
            item_node *down;
            void use_item_from_node() {item_from_node.use_item();};
            int power_from_node() {return item_from_node.get_power();};
            int price_from_node() {return item_from_node.get_price();};
            string get_name() {return name;}
        item item_from_node;
        string name;
    item_node::item_node(int a, int b, int &c, string input_name)
        //i want to make the item_from_node to initialize here with arguments
        // (a, b, c) but cant figure out how to do it
        name = input_name;
    and my sequence
    void inventory::show_all_items()
        active = ⊤ //top is the first item in the sequence
        int total_items = 0;
        for(; active != ⊥ total_items++) //bottom is the last item in the stack
            cout << total_items << ": " << *active.get_name() << endl;
            active = *active.down;
    i need to initialize my item along with the item node but dont know how,
    i also need to know what is wrong with my pointer "active"
    i dont want to use
     item_node : public item
    because then it would be simpler to just make item have a *next and a *last.
    also, if i overload operator= then would it work to construct it in my item node constructor like this?
     item_from_node = item x(a, b, c)
    thanks for any help
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    See "base class and member variable initialization"...

    Also, shouldn't the name of a thing be associated with the thing and not the handle to a thing?


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    i am using a class called inventory to move through the nodes and i put the name in the node because then i only had to use one . to get to it. i guess you are right. i must fo had a total brain fart.

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