Thread: removing a character from a char array

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    removing a character from a char array


    I was wondering how I could look through a char array and remove any white space characters I found. eg if I a had a char array of

    char buffer[] = "hell o";

    I could modify it to "hello";

    can anyone help

    Thank you

    Craig Smith

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    char a[] = "Hell o",
         b[10] = {0};
    for ( int x = 0, y = 0; a[x] != '\0'; x++ )
      if ( !isspace ( a[x] ) b[y++] = a[x];
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    Didn't you ask this already?

    Well to do it in a more practical sense, why not just monitor what is put in the array (whether it is through user input or whatever):
    while( (c = cin.get()) != '\n')
       switch( c )
          case ' ':       // If it is a space
             array[i++] = c;
    Another way is to use the isspace() function in ctype.h with an if-else tree.

    If you want to just go through an array and delete spaces, it is just searching and shifting. I think you should be able to figure out the code for it. Here' s the pseudo anyway:

    for i = 0 to ArrayLength
    if you find a space then shift everything after it up one

    Good luck

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