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    Xor char*

    I want to xor string with prepared key before :

    unsigned char key[8];
    char *text;
    text = "testtesttesttest";
    srand ( time(NULL) );
    int lowest=0, highest=255;
    int range=(highest-lowest)+1; 
    for(int index=0; index<8; index++){ 
       key[index] = lowest+int(range*rand()/(RAND_MAX + 1.0));
    for(int a=0; text[a] != NULL; a++)
        text[a] ^= key[a%8];        
    I was programming in delphi before and i had byte type which is unsigned char here as i read. Conversion was pretty easy but don't know how to do that in C++.

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    What's the problem? The code seems to be correct, despite of the fact that:
    char *text;
    text = "testtesttesttest";
    Should be:
    char text[] = "testtesttesttest";

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    Better yet,
    char *text;
    text = "testtesttesttest";
    ...can be changed to...
    std::string text = "testtesttesttest";
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    "Incorrect" is not the word for it as it is not incorrect to use a null-terminated character array, it's just possibly more error prone.
    I've been seeing a loss of distinction between fact and opinion lately from Elysia, which disappoints me a little.

    FYI, it's like the distinction between array [0..X] of char and string in Delphi, though in C++ you don't need to use StrPas to convert from array of char to string.
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