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    Question Family Tree

    Hi all!
    I'm writing a "family tree"program. there's a function in my class Node which is named SON. it gets 2 strings as arguments (they represent the name of the son and the father to be related respectively). I've got a problem here. if you look at the code below:
    class Node
        Node *father;
        Node *son;
        string name;
        vector<Node *> kid;
    void ADD(string s)
    		Node *n= new Node;
    void SON(string s, string f)
    		for(int i=0 ; i<nom.size() ; i++)
    				if (nom[i]->name==s)
    Does it make sense to do so? doesn't function SON, mix up the father and son with the one in the outer scope?
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