Thread: C++ Programming Exercises?

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    C++ Programming Exercises?

    I started learning C++ 2 days ago and I got the basics down with if functions and loops. But I'm feeling like I really didn't implement what I learned enough to strongly grasp the concepts. The website I use right now does not give any exercises to practice what I had just learned. The most I did was modify some example codes and thats about it.

    I was looking at some of the books so far but they seem to be a little outdated being about 6+ years old. Is there a book that teaches as well as gives exercises? If not where can I find some practice problems?

    Oh and on a side note. I found a website called project euler and I tried the first problem which is supposedly really easy but I couldn't solve it... Had to go to google to solve it. My friend said that to know that you are proficient in programming you have to be able to do these problems. I felt a little discouraged that I couldn't do it. Should I be?

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    There are some tutorials and exercises here -> C - Your Resource for C and C++ Programming

    Also, I shouldn't worry about not being able to tackle project euler after only 2 days of learning.
    But giving up and googling the answer straight away won't do you any favours in the long run.

    As with any learning, keep at it!
    Constant practice, keep looking for resources, keep reading the forum
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