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    Help ~~ (please!)

    Create a person class to represent a person. (You may call the class personType.) To simplify things, have the class have 2 variable members for the person's first and last name. Include 2 constructors. One should be a default constructor and the other should be one with parameters. Include respective functions for:
     setting the name,
     getting the name, and
     printing the name on the screen.

    Have your main program call these functions to demonstrate how they work.
    Explain how you can replace both constructors with one constructor by using a single constructor with default parameters.

    #ifndef personType_H
    #define personType_H
    #include <string> 
    using namespace std; 
    class personType 
    	personType( const string & ,  const string & ); 
    	void setFirstname (const string & ); 
    	string getFirstname() const; 
    	void setLastname (const string & );
    	string getLastname() const; 
    	string firstName; 
    	string lastName; 
    #include <iostream> 
    #include "personType.h" 
    using namespace std; 
    personType::personType ( const string &first, const string &last )
    	firstName = first; 
    	lastName = last; 
    // set first name 
    void personType::setFirstName ( const string &first ) 
    string personType::getFirstName() const
    	return firstName; 
    void personType::setLastName ( const string &last) 
    void personType::print() const
    	cout<<"Who's your Daddy?:" << firstName << '' << lastName

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    OK, and your question is what exactly?
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    cout<<"Who's your Daddy?:" << firstName << '' << lastName
    Does this mean you are pleased because you think you nailed the assignment? And that is why you posted without any question / problem?

    Or does your program literally request the name of the users Father?

    Without any other info then its hard to help
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