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    Exclamation charater testing for password verification

    just wanted to know if someone could point me in the right direction on a problem I'm trying to solve.
    here it is:
    Need to bulid software that reqires user password to meet following criteria.
    1.Password should be atleast 6 chars long
    2.Password should contain at least one uppercase and one lowercase letter
    3.The password should contain one digit,

    Now can the whole string be tested using a for loop and if-statements or does each character need to be tested induvidually.

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    #1. Use the strlen() function in string.h to check lengths of strings for comparisons.

    #2. Use the isupper() and islower() in ctype.h (or cctype for ANSI) to find if characters are uppercase or lower case.

    #3. Use the isdigit() in ctype.h (or cctype for ANSI) to find if a character is a digit.

    You will have to parse the password string character by character like this:

    while( *string != '\0')
       if( isupper(*string) )
          // Do whatever
       if( isdigit(*string) )
          // Do whatever
       string++  // Point to next character
    Good luck...

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