Thread: Filestream Out + move cursor back one place

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    Filestream Out + move cursor back one place

    Hey thank-you for looking, my 1st post, and I'm really stumped.

    I want to know if it is possible to move the filestream cursor back one space inside the file that I'm saving to. I have to save an array inside a for loop. This gives me a problem because I have to END each line of text in the file before starting the next line.

    e.g. (* represents where i would like the cursor to be after write)

    sex* - want cursor to finish here

    This code below outputs this result

    * - at present cursor ends here

    for(int counter = 0; counter < 5; counter ++)
    ArrayDataOutfile << customer[Int_counter].Char_Name << endl;
    ArrayDataOutfile << customer[Int_counter].Char_age << endl;
    ArrayDataOutfile << customer[Int_counter].Char_sex<< endl;

    I am using MS visual c++ 6 and notepad files as output and input.

    Hope you can understand this problem, I'm really stuck and have been searching for ages for a fix.

    Thank-you very much in advance




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    As i understand file steams the position of the end of file is determined by a pointert's value. off the top of my head i cannot rember the pointer name, but maybe this info will help.


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