Thread: getting the hang of classes.

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    getting the hang of classes.

    hi people,

    i am starting to get a grip of object oriented programming but one query that puzzles me is say for example if I had a battleships game, what would be in my main function ultimatelty. I hope that there would be only one class declaration called battleships and that all other classes would be derived from the original one. Is this correct ?


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    Not really.
    It pretty much depends on you on how you wanna implement it into the game.

    If it was me I had build a class for the ship which handles the drawing of it and the rest of what it needs to do.
    Then I had probably create a class Game that handles the ingame loop .

    And if you wanna shoot some monsters that basicly do the same thing like moving you create a monster class that handles what the monster actually do.

    Pretty fun and easy. You work on it slowly and you can concentrate on doing 1 class at a time.


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