Thread: How restricted am I by console mode

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    How restricted am I by console mode


    I want to get into fancy windows , directx kinda games but I have got my feet on the ground.

    I want to know what I am capable of doing in console mode as a bit of inspiration . For example my first contact with computers was in the mid 80's on a zx spectrum where you could have user defined graphics .

    Could I make a basic shoot em up in console mode or is it only suited for text based projects.


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    ive seen some intermediate level graphics with console mode, but it really depends on the compiler and libraries you are using.

    a lot of people have borland, and that has a library called graphics.h, which includes all the basic graphics components.

    i usually use Dev C++, which has a good graphics library that you will have to get from their website ( its harder to include, but works just as good, if not better, than the borland graphics library.

    its reccomended, though, that you get a good compiler like Visual C++ 6 if you want to do good graphics programs.

    im not a graphics programmer myself. i wish i were, but im still working my way up. this is just what ive learned from my limited experience. you would probably do better to listen to some of the more experienced guys here.
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    ive seen some intermediate level graphics with console mode
    I think you may of forgotton that console is simply a dos program exept you can only run it in Text Mode--which is an easy way of looking at it.

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