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    C++ Gui or C#

    I am kinda at a crossroads here. I am currently taking Software Engineering and i am almost a junior. I am almost done with my design patterns class. My teacher allowed us to use any good oop language we wanted for this design patterns class. Some chose java, c++, and most chose C# as you guessed i am using C++

    Anyways, i was talking to the teacher and he told me we can use whatever we like for GUI. Since, this class is a continuation of design patterns( would be using design patterns probably and i am not sure if learning QT and design patterns in QT would be hard) Could i apply what i know with design patterns in QT ?
    It looks like to me if i decide to use QT it would be just for fun!

    i dont know if picking up C# would be ideal at this point.
    I also heard that once you know design patterns picking up any language is a breeze..

    However, i am feeling that QT is a good choice also. I also heard people are getting good jobs in C# WPF and making big bucks.

    I am not sure what direction i want to go into at this point. I understand it all depends on what you are doing depends what language to use. At this point it dont feel like anyone uses C++ anymore in the industry besides things like games?
    Is the GUI that's mostly done in the industry done in C#?
    Would i be better to start learning C#? I am also not sure what i want to do when i graduate either. I have mostly programmed in C++, but have experience with I guess knowing C# and c++ could be good also.

    I am mostly looking towards what i would need entering into the job market! I have to assume there must be alot of good jobs in C++?
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    From the job market here C# dominates, .net blah blah, they tend to be lower salaries though, unless you can go for a non 'entry-level' position, the C++ work i see is often for senior positions requiring a wide range of skills.

    To be honset from a purely practical point of view C# for GUIs is the trend and if it's all about finding work then that has to be the best option, then again, C# can be rendered almost redundant overnight if microsoft decide to pull the plug and go with some new 'baby' they concoct, which would leave C# specialists adrift.
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    I also heard that once you know design patterns picking up any language is a breeze..
    Not sure I agree with that statement.

    If this is project with a time constraint use whatever you are most comfortable with. You should be able to learn C# enough in 3 or 4 days to create some basic WinForms apps with it. I would not recommend WPF for this even though it is better in the long run it takes a bit more getting used to than Windows Forms.

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    The best GUI libraries I know at this point are Qt and WPF. So if you want to use C++, use Qt. If you feel like taking up C#, use WPF. It's true that WPF takes a bit longer to learn than WinForms, but I still would highly recommend to use it.

    In the long run, you would do well to use both languages, as they each have their strength, and being able to choose the right one in the right situation would pay off greatly.

    It's true that the more languages you know, the easier it is to learn new ones. But "it's a breeze" is an overstatement.
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