Thread: difference between data object and data structure?

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    Unhappy difference between data object and data structure?

    I cannot get it... I am kind of newbie in OOP

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    Data Structures are simply structures
    struct r{
        int a;
        char b;
    } rstruct;
    Data Objects
    Quote Originally Posted by
    In C++, an object is a region of storage with associated semantics.The declaration int i;, specifies that iis an object of type int. In the context ofthe object model of C++, the term object refers to an instance ofa class. Thus a class defines the behavior of possibly many objects (instances).Objects are usually referred to by references, which are aliasesfor an object. "The obvious implementation of a reference is as a(constant) pointer that is dereferenced each time it is used."
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    Well a class is as much a "data structure" as a structure by name - they are in all ways besides default access privileges the same.

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