Thread: Creating the Database Using C++

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    Creating the Database Using C++

    Hello everyone!

    I have an assignment to create database using C++, plus some basic queries could be executed from that program . But I have no idea what to do and from where to start. so if anyone can guide me ,that what kind of data structure i should use and how, i will be very thankful.

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    This depends on what you mean by "database", a database can be as simple a flat file, or a multi-user, client-server type of system. You might want to start by determining your data storage/retrieval requirements, the amount and type of data to be stored and retrieved.

    Once you have determined some of the basic requirements you can decide how to implement your database.


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    For anything beyond your beginner examples, I would recommend SQLite. There is also a SQLite++ wrapper for C++. There are some good examples there to get you started on that, if you need it.
    But this is somewhat advanced.

    You should consider using basic file I/O first.
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