This is really for those Visual C++ 6.0 programmers out there.

I have a workspace which builds 3 apps & dozen of DLLs. Each project has it's own resources (resource.h & corresponding RC file).

I like to merge the resources of the 3 main apps into one. I notice the 3 apps share some common strings. However, due to 10-20 years of development, the defined constants that have same name may not have same number.

App1 resource.h
#define IDS_STRING1 82

App2 resource.h
#define IDS_STRING1 79

App3 resource.h
#define IDS_STRING1 83

Am wondering if there's a tool out there that can clean up multiple resources... to make final/eventual merging easier.

Problems lie when it's a common define constant, but the string literal are actually different.

So maybe should have a batch routine to index/map by the string literal first, then ensure the define constant matches, if not then flag it.

My resource.h files are huge, millions of lines... hence why am wondering if there exists a resource.h cleaner.