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    allegro question

    I have this simulation result from matlab; and my computer is so slow it's painful to make a movie to watch the motion using matlab. So I export the data, and do the animation in allegro instead.
      while( i < pll.size() && !key[KEY_ESC] ) 
        x = sin(pll[i][1])*double(SCREEN_W)/2.0 + double(SCREEN_W)/2.0-1;
        y = -cos(pll[i][3])*double(SCREEN_H)/2 + double(SCREEN_H)/2.0;
        		  "x = %+5.5lf ; y = %+5.5lf",x,y);
        circle(screen,x,y,3,makecol(255,0,0) );
        		  "x = %+5.5lf ; y = %+5.5lf",x,y);
         circle(screen,x,y,3,0 );
    As, you see, that's just a beginner's allegro stuff. It works, but there are a few kinks i want to work out, and maybe you can help me.
    1. how do I make the animation go slower? The speed it is going is way too fast to watch.
    2. In the below snippet, plotting and then using a different color to erase the previously object seems really wasteful. Is there a way do this better?
    circle(screen,x,y,3,makecol(255,0,0) );
    thanks in advance for any input.
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    to see each frame individually you could use
    but i have no idea how to set the fps. maybe you should try using <ctime> and having it wait for 1/24 of a second after it displays one frame.

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